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The Dark View of Cameron Hampton

A few days before I discovered the artwork of the artist Cameron Hampton. Could I describe that I saw? Many words come to my mind: gloomy, sadness, solitude, darkness. Enter to the Cameron Hampton´s world is an oniric and disturbing experience. Her strokes are violent and looks like her paintings were bleeding. She loves use pastel but also include in her artworks pieces of old pictures and ancient images to lend her works the meaning of nightmares. Let’s going to know more about her:

Innerview: Could you tell us about yourself?

Cameron: I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. I moved around a lot when I was a kid so I got to see a lot of the southern and southwestern United States. The constant changing of my surroundings influenced me greatly. 

My work has been described as dark realism. I use traditional mediums combined with modern mediums to create dire, gritty, macabre and dark imagery. I like to explore the darker side of humanity. I think if we artists can bring the dark side of humanity out into the light then maybe we can understand it more. 
I am a Signature Member of several pastel societies including the Pastel Society of America and a Gold Medal Circle Member of the International Association of Pastel Societies. I attended the Atlanta College of Art, now the Savannah College of Art, and Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. I have also studied independently in Austria, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Belgium and Hungary.

I own my own gallery, The Hampton Fine Art Gallery in Greensboro, Georgia.

Innerview: When did you know that your way was in the art field? 

Cameron: I originally wanted to be a musician. But I had been drawing seriously since I was nine years old and I kept going with it. Before I knew it I was in college studying sculpting and painting and I had fallen in love with art. It’s always been a part of my life and always will be.

Innerview: In which way your artworks allow the spectator to know (and to get in) your essence?

Cameron: I try to explore the darker side of humanity not only with my subject matter but also with my textures and colors. Textures and colors are paramount to my work. It is my language. When people are viewing my work, I hope they feel it like I did when I created it. 

Innerview: How born Altered?

Cameron: I started creating pictures for Altered, a series about the Jack the Ripper and Whitechapel murders, about two years ago because I have been interested in the case since I was about nine years old. Everything about the case is fascinating to me, the Victorian Era, the gaslight, London, the dark, brooding atmosphere, an unsolved mystery…it’s perfect for any sort of storytelling, especially for pictures! 

Innerview: What do you think about the digital mediums?

Cameron: I LOVE the digital mediums! I think they are just as important as the traditional medium’s. They are another tool for us artists to use.

Innerview: How long does it take to produce one artwork (painting, modeling?

Cameron: It depends on the picture. Some pictures take a long time because I create my own textures which have to be “aged” or they are large works that require many hours of work. But most pictures, especially illustrations, are done in about a day. I usually know what I want and it is just a matter of doing it.

Innerview: Which part of producing these artworks do you enjoy doing the most?

Cameron: There are several parts to producing artworks that I like. First, before I begin there is a lot of research. Then, I like the sketching out of the image. It’s always exciting to start a new painting or illustration! The next part I like is the coming together part of creating a picture. That moment when I’ve done my preparation work, hard work and it all comes together well. 

Innerview: We saw in your webpage you use various techniques so what is your favorite one?  

Cameron: I love pastels. Pastels are my favorite medium. But I also enjoy combining the traditional mediums like pastels and charcoal with the new digital medium's. The two blend beautifully together.

Innerview: How do you get your inspiration?

Cameron: I get inspiration from everywhere! Inspiration comes easily to me because everything has life in it. 

Innerview: How is a day in your life?

Cameron: I don’t have a routine for working. I don’t have set hours. Sometimes I work only a few hours a day and other times I work twelve to fourteen hours a day. I am part Native American. We believe it is unnatural to live and work on a schedule. 

Innerview: Any advice to the aspiring artist?

Don’t give up! Always keep working no matter what difficulties come your way. Practice your craft. Educate yourself. Have an open mind and heart. 

If you have anything that you need from me, don't hesitate to ask.

Innerview: Thank you so much for the interview Cameron. 

Please visit Cameron´s webpage in: 

Altered´s  blog

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